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Root Canal treatment

Here at AK Dental Care, we try our utmost to make the procedure as pain free as possible and when we review patients, almost every patient mentions that they experienced very little or almost no pain during and after treatment. Please look at the testimonials that patients have given us and almost all of them will mention very little or no pain. This is achieved by very thorough disinfection of the root canals using different disinfectants, high magnification(microscope) and utmost care when providing the treatment.



We are passionate about providing the highest standard of endodontic treatment, mindful of the patients comfort throughout. Following completion of treatment, the patient is usually referred back to the referring dental practitioner for final restoration.

Our high standards are achieved by:

Constantly updating our skills and knowledge by attending post graduate courses

Training and development

Feedback and audits

Investing in high quality equipment and materials as the technology improves

Teaching at Birmingham Dental Hospital allows our clinicians to discuss some of the cases that are not straight forward with other consultants and specialists which ensures that they are providing the best possible care to our patients

The use of a CBCT scanner improves diagnosis and treatment planning

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