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Restorative and General Dentistry


It is important to maintain your oral health. By regularly attending your dental check ups, you can keep your oral health in good condition. An examination will include examining your teeth, gums and mouth.  X-rays will be routinely taken to assess for decay, bone loss and other issues that might be going on. We offer a range of general and restorative dental treatments depending on your specific goals or needs.

Veneers are laboratory made thin porcelain which covers teeth in order to improve aesthetics. They are effective in a number of cases to improve aesthetics including: staining and improve slight defects such and chips and shape.

Crowns are a cap like restoration that is designed to restore broken, damaged or weak teeth. They offer to improve function and aesthetics.

Fillings aim to restore a tooth generally due to decay. A number of materials cans be used to restore the tooth depending on the case.


Urgent appointments

We are able to offer urgent appointments if you are in pain or have a dental emergency or trauma. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will try our very best to see you as soon as possible. 

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